Advanced Planning

MaxiFi Planner

After running ESPlannerBASIC, please visit MaxiFi Planner and consider purchasing this user-friendly, but much more advanced planning program available in both household and professional planner versions.


If you prefer a Windows desktop program ESPlanner, ESPlannerPLUS, and ESPlannerPRO use the same underlying computation engine as MaxiFi Planner and currently offer a few extra features. MaxiFi Planner, our newest program, will eventually include all of these features of the desktop program in the coming months and over the next year or so.

For a detailed comparison of MaxiFi and ESPlanner, view the comparison chart.

Maximize My Social Security

You may also want to check out our Social Security maximization tool at Maximize My Social Security. This tool calculates the Social Security benefit collection dates for you and your spouse/partner that give you the highest present value of benefits, including retiree, spousal, survivor, child, parent, and divorcee benefits.

Analyze My Divorce Settlement

Divorce is hard enough without fighting over finances. Analyze My Divorce Settlement is an objective way to see how you'll each be treated. It can provide is a clear comparison of both spouse's post-divorce living standards for any proposed settlement. The tool can also help you develop alternative proposals to those you've received. Finally, it can help you find win-win settlements.

Our Approach

To economists, all questions in personal finance boil down to your living standard. Will this job mean more spending power? Is this house affordable? Which mortgage should I take? When can I retire? When should I take Social Security? Should I use a regular or Roth IRA? Am I getting a fair divorce settlement? Should I pay down my mortgage? All of these are living standard questions. If your financial planning program can't calculate your living standard, it can't answer these questions.

Since our programs directly calculate your sustainable living standard, they can answer these questions quickly and with clarity. The big payback from using ESPlannerBASIC and our more advanced programs is being able to identify relatively safe ways to materially raise your living standard. Our case studies at MaxiFi Planner show you a few examples of this practical advantage.

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