Advanced Planning Using ESPlanner

If you like ESPlannerBASIC, you'll love ESPlanner, which lets you do even better financial planning.

You can purchase ESPlanner, ESPlannerPLUS (with Monte Carlo simulations), or ESPlannerPRO (for financial planners) at

These case studies show the extra power of ESPlanner to smooth, raise, and protect your living standard and help you make lifestyle decisions.

ESPlanner Lets You Make Better

Retirement Decisions

  • Determine precise living standard impact of retiring early.
  • Specify retirement housing plans.
  • Specify the state in which you'll retire.
  • Specify each future year's retirement contributions.
  • Specify annuity purchase plans.
  • Specify pension plan details.
  • Specify retirement earnings.
  • Specify desired changes in your living standard in retirement.

Education Decisions

  • See if more education pays.
  • Specify training and education costs on a year-by-year basis.
  • Specify future earnings on a year-by-year basis.
  • Compare living standard with and without education investment.
  • Explore use of a 529 plan.

Career Decisions

  • Specify future wages on a year-by-year basis.
  • Specify future self-employment earnings on a year-by-year basis.
  • Enter details of employers' fringe benefit plans.
  • Specify state to which you would relocate.
  • Specify housing costs in each job.

Housing Decisions

  • Specify up to two changes in your primary home.
  • Specify up to two changes in your vacation home.
  • Specify future housing appreciation/depreciation.
  • Determine the living standard impact of downsizing.
  • Determine the living standard gains from co-residence.
  • Specify second mortgages.
  • Specify interest-only and other non-conventional mortgages.

Retirement Account Decisions

  • Determine how additional contributions will affect your living standard.
  • Enter each future year's contributions separately.
  • Determine whether Roth or 401(k) contributions deliver higher living standard.
  • Determine what the employer's contribution is really worth.
  • Specify annuitization of retirement accounts.
  • Tailor your retirement account withdrawals.

Social Security Decisions

  • Specify future covered earnings on a year-by-year basis.
  • Enter self-employment earnings separately (affects FICA taxes).
  • Specify each past year's covered Social Security earnings.
  • Program calculates precise retirement, survivor, and spousal benefits.
  • Determine precisely the optimal age to collect.
  • Determine precise gains from repaying old benefits and reapply for new ones.
  • Specify that your future pension is from non-covered employment.
  • Specify when you plan to enroll in Medicare.
  • Specify how Social Security benefits and Medicare premiums will change.

Pension Decisions

  • Determine precise living standard impact of taking pension early.
  • Compare living standard taking a lump sum vs. an annual benefit.
  • Specify degree of indexation of pension to inflation.
  • Specify survivor pension benefit.
  • Compard pension benefits at different jobs.

Tax Planning Decisions

  • Specify if special expenditures are excludable from AGI or tax deductible.
  • Specify whether special receipts are taxable at ordinary or capital gains rates.
  • Specify the share of your regular asset income coming from tax-free municipals.
  • Specify share of regular asset income coming from capital gains and dividends.

Real Estate Decisions

  • Enter up to five real estate properties.
  • Determine if new real estate aquistions will raise your living standard.
  • Determine when it's best to sell your properties.
  • Determine the best way to finance your real estate acquisitions.

Estate Decisions

  • Specify income, special expenses, etc. in the event of death of a spouse/partner.
  • Specify funeral expenses and bequests
  • Specify degree of protection to provide survivors
  • Specify current face and cash value of life insurance holdings.

Lifestyle Decisions

  • Determine living standard impact of retiring early.
  • Determine living standard gains from marriage.
  • Determine living standard impact of having hildren
  • Determine living standard impact of divorce.
  • Determine most tax efficient way to get divorced.
  • Determine living standard cost of charitable giving.

ESPlannerPLUS Lets You Make Better

Investment Decisions

  • See how different investment strategies affect the level and variabilty of your living standard over time.
  • Specify/set up to 10 portfolios
  • Specify when these portfolios will be held.
  • Specify retirement account portfolios separately.
  • See living standard trajectories based on different paths of returns.
  • Determine the right investment strategy given your spend-down rule.

Spend-Down Decisions

  • Specify whether you want to spend aggessively, cautiously, or conservatively.
  • See how different spending behaviors affect the chances of experiencing a very low future living standard.
  • See paths of your living standard based on how your investments may fare.
  • Determine the right spend-down behavior given your investment strategy.